Strategic Staffing

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While the demand for IT skills is at its peak across businesses, technology organizations are constantly facing challenges to recruit and retain skilled IT resources. Synergycom strategic staffing enables IT businesses find highly skilled resources and handpick the right talent to meet their current and future business goals.
Strategic Staffing

Simplify your technology recruitment with our flexible staffing model

At Synergycom, our strength lies in our capacity to connect you with specialized individuals tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our adaptability, we excel in identifying exceptional talent even in the most challenging searches. Our recruitment team boasts proficiency in cutting-edge sourcing methods, utilizing premium recruiting tools and comprehensive candidate databases to unearth top-tier talent that will drive your company's success.

Our Staffing Models


Synergycom is the premier source for IT & Engineering contractors and consultants in all roles. These professionals are available for short-term or long-term engagements and are pre-screened to make sure they are a great fit for your organization. The contractor will work closely with your team to achieve your project goals but remains Synergycom’s employee, so that we handle everything else – it’s like getting labor services from the cloud!


Are you looking for the flexibility to “hire on-demand?” With contract-to-hire staffing, your business will have limitless workforce options for short and long-term staffing solutions.

When employing Synergycom to fill your contract-to-hire positions, simply describe your needs to one of our business development managers, and they will work with our top-notch recruiting team to find the best IT or Engineering talent. We handle the front-end tasks of recruiting, sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and conducting initial screenings. A pre-screened candidate will be passed to you for a final interview. When you are ready to bring on that hire, your investment is a simple conversion fee. If the person isn’t the right fit for the job, we’ll keep looking until we find your match.

Permanent Employees

When your organization is ready for a long-term investment, let Synergycom’s expert recruiters start the search. We study our clients’ requirements extensively to save time you would otherwise spend interviewing and recruiting employees. Leverage the power of Synergycom’s vast and versatile pipeline to find prospective candidates who will be committed to your company’s goals and mission. Until you hire one of our professionals, there is no cost to you.

Our IT Support
Areas of Strategic Staffing we specialize in:
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Big Data
Microsoft Technologies

We customize every application
for each customer

Organizations large and small are turning to vendor management systems to fulfill their staffing needs. Synergycom actively works with MSPs to fulfill end client’s recruiting goals. Technical Recruiters on staff engage in dialogue with clients in order to gain a full understanding of positions and its requirements. We honor service level agreements (SLAs) set by the clients to find quality and reliable candidates in a timely manner. Our participation is rated top 10 in all VMS participation. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand the client’s requirement to supplement their contingent labor with top-notch talent.
Participating VMS
Clients We Serve
Why Synergycom Stands Apart from Competitors
Highly Experienced Technical Recruiters
We have a team of highly seasoned technical recruiters who understand the verticals of the IT & Engineering domains, and the subsequent technology landscape.
Domain Understanding
With in-depth experience in different business verticals domain, technical expertise, and following industry-standard quality processes, we enable our clients to solve complex problems, mitigate risks, and meet their business objectives.
In-House Screen Capability
We use a dedicated team of technologists for pre-interview screening to present the most suitable profiles to clients. We also use external agency services to test the consultants on different niche technologies, saving the client time and effort.
Quick Turn Around Time
We use the latest methodology and variety of sourcing tools for finding the ideal candidate.
Candidate Tracking System
We have a large pool of potential candidates for a full range of IT & Engineering Positions.
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