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In the business of knowing talent and knowing innovative companies, we want to know who you know.

Do you have an eye for talent?

Do you know a candidate we can hire as a W-2 employee? Refer a candidate(s) to Synergycom and earn $1,200 gift card!

To be eligible for Synergycom’s Refer & Earn Program, your candidate must be “new” to Synergycom and work 480 billable hours. Send us 1, 2, or as many as 100 referrals. If your candidate fits our requirements, you are eligible to earn $1,200 gift card.

The IT & Engineering industry has no shortage of talent. Our skilled recruiters use the latest sourcing techniques to find and place the right candidate in the right position. You can be a part of this process too! Review openings on our opportunities page and let us know about the candidates interested in joining Synergycom.

To register, fill out your information and your candidates' information in the form below. Please include the candidate's resume, contact information, and the Synergycom position of interest.

Our corporate recruiting team will reach out to you for the next steps.

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