Application Services
With the onset of 'digital' in every aspect of the modern business, enhancing speed, driving innovation, managing costs and securing assets now form the core of technology solutions that drive business results for enterprises. It has become imperative for companies to seek solutions that enable them to compete in markets which are racing towards newer digital business models.
Strategic Staffing

Simplify your technology recruitment with our flexible staffing model

At Synergycom, our strength lies in our capacity to connect you with specialized individuals tailored to your requirements. Thanks to our adaptability, we excel in identifying exceptional talent even in the most challenging searches. Our recruitment team boasts proficiency in cutting-edge sourcing methods, utilizing premium recruiting tools and comprehensive candidate databases to unearth top-tier talent that will drive your company's success.
IT Professional Services
A Quality Line of Professional IT Services Allows our Clients to:
Development costs through effective, targeted use of highly skilled on-site, off-site, and offshore professionals
Quality of solutions to end users and profitability of business by automating functions and accelerating the solutions delivery
Competitiveness through strategic use of technology solutions
Relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers through innovative practical use of technology
Engineering Skills
IT & Engineering Strategic Professionals
Like a needle-in-a-haystack, Synergycom recruiters find talent to fill niche technical and functional roles for long-term, short-term, and temporary engagements. Leverage an experienced professional workforce and access a giant pipeline of resources with Synergycom as your strategic staffing partner.
  • Product Engineer
  • Product Engineer Design
  • Validation Engineer
  • Test Engineers
  • Quality Engineer
  • Design & Release Engineer
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineering Roles for Manufacturing
  • Product Engineer
  • Vehicle Integration Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Prototype Engineering
  • Powertrain/Propulsion Calibration Specialist
  • Vehicle Network Engineer
  • Software Engineer
When you outsource to Synergycom, the result is achieving greater workplace productivity and efficiency while lowering your IT or Engineering spend. With Synergycom Outsourcing Services, your clients are better served with improved services and support.
Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia
Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia
Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia Detroit Chicago Hyderabad, India Sydney, Australia
Global Development Center

India has emerged as the top outsourcing destination worldwide. Offshore outsourcing is now a proven model which is being utilized by an increasing number of organizations, large and small.

Our Global Development Center (GDC) was established over 15 years ago in Hyderabad, India as a direct result of growth within the healthcare and manufacturing business sectors. Since then, we have added customers in the energy, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries. The GDC achieved an ISO 9001:2000 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has the necessary controls, processes, systems, measurements, and continuous improvement initiatives in place to provide products and services of the highest quality.

Synergy has a strong expertise in technology. We develop custom applications and tools to meet your needs. We’ve aligned ourselves with strategic partners who have expertise in hardware, software, and other services to strengthen our offerings. These partnerships allow us to leverage technology more effectively and efficiently implement methodology to increase customer satisfaction.
Data Analytics
Application Platforms
Cloud Technology
ERP Software
Programming Languages
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