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Synergycom enables business results by being a ‘transformation catalyst’ . It offers integrated portfolio of services to its clients in the areas of Consulting, System Integration, Staffing and IT Outsourcing for key-industry verticals.
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Reach Global. Work Local. Synergycom is a global partner that brings innovative business and technical solutions to address your IT problems. Synergycom helps modernize, digitize and secure your IT to provide outstanding customer experiences

Transforming businesses through technology.


Healthcare and the health industry are evolving every day. Synergycom is at the forefront of assisting healthcare payers, healthcare providers, and nonprofits navigate the labyrinth that is the healthcare system. We provide reliable software infrastructure such as improved mobile app enrollment, telehealth presence, portal development, and more to help our clients stay ahead of the digitalization of the healthcare industry. Our experts use cutting-edge technology and insight-driven project management methodologies to deliver solutions that solve our clients’ software challenges.


Synergycom understands the IT demands pharmaceutical clients face with the frequent variations in pricing, regulations, and sales from country to country. We have partnered with some of the largest pharmaceutical organizations to fix real world business problems and keep innovation moving forward. Whether it’s providing a profit margin analysis, chemical classification applications, global pricing and distribution projects, or pricing, forecasting, and planning applications, we help clients keep up with the ever-changing global economy.

Financial Services

Whether your financial services company is headquartered in the United States or abroad, Synergycom has you covered with a wealth of IT knowledge and experience. While working with major financial institutions, Synergycom has leveraged multiple programs to help with application development and maintenance, workflows, SharePoint implementations, and Salesforce administration. We have experience in nearly every vertical of the financial industry and the capability to provide IT support domestically and internationally.

Alternative Energy

With the rapid rise of the alternative energy industry, energy companies have to work faster than ever to keep up with increasing global demands for renewable energy while also maintaining efficient production. Synergycom helps utility companies, energy equipment manufacturers, and energy software providers create scalable software products that provide project tracking, real-time feedback, and monitor performance and efficiency. We’ve done everything from migrating a company’s data to a Microsoft platform to leveraging Microsoft SharePoint in order to create workflow style solutions while simultaneously applying K2 optimization practices. Much of the United States, and the rest of the world, are supporting the renewable energy movement and Synergycom is here to make sure those green companies can deliver.

Automotive Manufacturing

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative software solutions can expedite services in the automotive manufacturing industry. Some of Synergycom’s longest business relationships are in the automotive industry. We understand the innovation required to bring the modern-day production line and processes together to manufacture motor vehicles. Synergycom is equipped to provide the automotive software solutions to automotive manufacturing challenges. From autonomous and connected vehicles to World Class Manufacturing technology, staff augmentation, mobile applications platforms, customized system installations, and innovative workflow solutions, Synergycom has enabled major automotive companies and their suppliers to work smarter not harder. We are here to help clients ultimately reduce waste, save money, and solve IT problems.

Other Industries
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While we’ve completed several projects in industries such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and the Financial Services sector, our experience extends far beyond to:
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(Consulting, Advertising and Printing)
Aerospace and Defense
Oil and Gas
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