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IT & Engineering Strategic Staffing

Do you need a highly skilled IT professional or Engineer? We leverage our network of experienced professionals to find talent and take your business to the next level.

Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc.’s expertise is our ability to find specialized individuals to match your needs. Due to our versatility, we are able to find “needle-in-the-haystack” talent. Our recruiters are experts in the latest sourcing techniques. We use the best recruiting tools and candidate databases to find that top-tier talent and help your company thrive.


Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. is the premier source for IT & Engineering contractors and consultants in all roles. These professionals are available for short-term or long-term engagements and are pre-screened to make sure they will be a great fit for your organization. The contractor will work closely with your team to achieve your project goals but remains Synergy’s employee, so that we handle everything else – it’s like getting labor services from the cloud!

Why use a Synergy Contractor/Consultant?

You have a short-term project

You need an IT or Engineering professional with a specific skill set

Your company is not ready to add permanent employees

You want to avoid new employee onboarding expenses

You need work done in a temporary location or on-site with your staff


Are you looking for the flexibility to “hire on-demand?” With contract-to-hire staffing, your business will have limitless workforce options for short- and long-term staffing solutions.

When employing Synergy to fill your contract-to-hire positions, simply describe your needs to one of our business development managers, and they will work with our top-notch recruiting team to find the best IT or Engineering talent. We handle the front-end tasks of recruiting, sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and conducting initial screenings. A pre-screened candidate will be passed to you for a final interview. When you are ready to bring on that hire, your investment is a simple conversion fee. If the person isn’t the right fit for the job, we’ll keep looking until we find your match.

Why chose the Contract-to-Hire method?

You want to minimize risk by “trying before you buy”

You are working on a restrained budget and need flexibility

You have a unique project that requires specialized skills

Your business is experiencing rapid growth and you need to leverage a larger workforce quickly

Permanent Employees

When your organization is ready for a long-term investment, let Synergy’s expert recruiters start the search! We study our clients’ requirements extensively to save time an organization would otherwise spend on interviewing and recruiting employees. Leverage the power of Synergy’s vast and versatile pipeline to find prospective candidates who will be committed to your company’s goals and mission. Until you hire one of our professionals, there is no cost to you.

Why use Synergy to find Permanent employees

Your own pipeline is drying up

Your internal recruiters may not have the bandwidth

You don’t have internal recruiters

You need an IT professional with a very specialized skill set

You would like someone else to pre-screen candidates and set up interviews

You would like a guarantee if things don’t work out

Outsourcing Services

Synergy specializes in supplying skilled individuals and teams across the entire spectrum of IT & Engineering services. We offer our clients the choice and flexibility to outsource specific IT & Engineering processes, applications, and departments. When you outsource to Synergy, we scale your engineering capacity, turn ideas into products, commit to full life-cycle projects, and provide on-site leadership and off-site support to successfully deliver on time and under budget.

Synergy has the experience in managing the following engagements:

Project Management

Application Development

Network & Database Administration

Data Center

Web Services

Document Management services

Full Deployment Teams

Large-scale deployments are a costly, laborious and time intensive process. In this era of digitalization, the key to a competitive edge in the software market is deploying products faster and minimizing performance errors so you can accelerate your time to market. We provide full deployment teams to drive your product from development to production. Let Synergy handle large deployments so your existing team can stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Our Capabilities

On-site, off-site and offshore support

Product testing

Installation and activation

Ongoing support and maintenance for all custom applications

Continuous deployment

Network & database administration


Minimize risk

Automate infrastructure and workflow

Continuously measure application performance

Lower costs by outsourcing to our technical team offshore

24/7 offshore support

Engineering Services

Engineering services, engineering contracting and consulting services offered are customized to fulfill the needs of each customer. We have a solid track record of success in providing resources across the entire spectrum of Engineering: from senior leadership, to hard-to-find skill sets of seasoned professionals, to full deployment teams centered on technology solutions.

Our Services Include

Industrial Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Quality Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Systems Engineering

Embedded Software and Controls

Testing and Validation

Our Full Line of Professional Services Allows our Clients to


money on development costs through effective, targeted use of highly skilled on-site, off-site and offshore professionals


quality of solutions to end users and profitability of business by automating functions and accelerating the solutions delivery


competitiveness through strategic use of technology solutions


relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers through innovative practical use of technology

Our Strategic Methodology

Synergy takes the stress out of the hiring process. We conduct professional screenings, skills testing and thorough background checks to give you the peace of mind for your next hire.

Resume, candidates submit their resume/profile. Searching, extensive internal database, client collaborations, and search engine. Identifying, match qualifying candidate with project & client needs. Candidate screening, customized to meet client needs. Candidate Interview, prepare qualified candidates for client interview. Offer. Join, our talented candidate begins a new journey with you.

Our Differentiators

Highly Experienced Technical Recruiters

We have a team of highly seasoned technical recruiters who understand the verticals of the IT & Engineering domains, and the subsequent technology landscape.

Domain Understanding

With in-depth experience in different business verticals domain? sector?, technical expertise, and following industry-standard quality processes, we enable our clients to solve complex problems, mitigate risks, and meet their business objectives.

In-House Screen Capability

We use a dedicated team of technologists for pre-interview screening to present the most suitable profiles to clients. We also use external agency services to test the consultants on different niche technologies, saving the client time and effort.

Quick Turn Around Time

We use the latest methodology and variety of sourcing tools for finding the ideal candidate.


We have a large database of professionals built over the years on different IT technologies.

Engineering & IT Skills We Recruit

We are always on the lookout for top-notch talent. Here are some skills we place.
Product Engineer
Product Engineer Design
Validation Engineer
Test Engineers
Design & Release Engineer
Quality Engineer
Electrical Engineers
Project Engineer/Lead Managers
Product Engineer
Vehicle Integration Engineer
Mechanical Engineering Roles for Manufacturing
Business Analyst
Communications Analyst
Finance Assistant
Project Management
Project Coordinator
Program Manager
Account Executive
Technical Recruiter
Mobile Application Development
Validation Analyst

Synergy is equipped with the latest infrastructure and a proven metrics-driven project management methodology. Partnering with Synergy allows for evolving strategies that address opportunities and challenges while focusing on core competencies.

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