Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. Opens a Solution Center in Hyderabad, India

New Solution Center Introduces Unique Approach for Solving BPM/Workflow Challenges

February 22, 2012 – (Bingham Farms, MI) -- Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. has opened a new solution center in Hyderabad, India.

The Synergy Solution Center (“SSC”) will work with clients to Identify, Analyze, Architect and Develop Business Solutions based on issues that are hindering productivity or workflow. Solutions developed by SSC will be used as a basis to develop packaged solutions that are applicable across multiple business units and vertical industries. These solutions may be extensions of software currently in use by companies, or may be based on new technologies designed to integrate with existing applications.

SSC will provide a unique ‘process and approach’ designed to:

  • gather information from client personnel and onsite consultants to help management understand and pinpoint productivity and workflow challenges
  • enable client managers to take control and address challenges
  • support the development of best in class solutions

SSC’s unique approach starts with the establishment of an online forum for clients, where employees and onsite consultants can bring to light workflow challenges and share ideas about process improvement. Based on information collected by the forum, client managers can direct SSC to initiate an analysis of any given challenge. SSC will direct the analysis phase to the appropriate group within SSC. For example, if the issue can be solved with a .Net domain, Synergy will direct the project to be handled by the .Net Team within SSC.

The respective SSC Team will do the Initial Analysis to better define the challenge. With the client management’s permission, the team will then prepare an “Initial Solution Approach” based on its analysis. Once client management has reviewed this report, they can give the “GO AHEAD” for a full-fledged analysis.

Upon completion of the full analysis, the SSC Team will provide an Analysis Report which includes Best Possible Solutions for the challenge. The SSC Team can also provide a “Proof of Concept (POC)” or “Prototype” presentation, at the client’s request, which will explain the solution to client management and its stakeholders.

Client managers will then review the information and send feedback to the SSC team. If needed, one more cycle of analysis will be done by the SSC team. Once the solution is finalized by client management, then, with the clients’ ’GO AHEAD’, the SSC Team will develop a solution beginning with the QMS process for providing Project Charter, Business Requirement Specifications and Software Requirement Specifications. Once development is completed, the Development Team will provide a Release Document and Test Plan Document to the QA Team in charge of QA analysis.

See diagram below, illustrating SSC’s unique Process and Approach for working with clients to solve workflow challenges…

The SSC Team will also be involved in Fresh Environment Setup & Change Management Activities, such as application demonstrations, user training, and provision of documentation, as required by the client.

Sridhar Reddy, Synergy’s Director of Global Solutions and Delivery, manages work performed at the Solution Center and commented about what the new center means to the company and its clients:

“The addition of a Solution Center compliments the existing Development Center and gives our customers a full service offering…..not only for finding a solution to their business or technical need, but also for giving them an opportunity to get the solution developed by Synergy at ODC. We are excited by the response we are seeing from our clients who face vast technical challenges on a daily basis. It is our goal to help them tackle their business and I.T. challenges with confidence and success.”