Synergy Attends Gala Conference

At Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. we are always looking to give back to our community, be it through our Synergy Cares program, our team members participating in multiple volunteer projects, or simply by donating to a good cause, the people of our organization are constantly giving back. And on April 18th, Synergy did just that. Enter Spectrum Health and their annual Gala in Grand Rapids.

Every year around this time patrons attend the black tie event to raise funds for a worthy cause. 2015 would see Spectrum Health committing to the development of a new state of the art Dementia Center with the Gala paving the way to funding the project. Dementia is a disease that affects the lives of numerous Americans, and an illness that one in six women will have to face by the time they turn 65. Considering this disease will cost Americans 200 billion dollars this year alone, it’s easy to see why a record 1,573 individuals descended upon the city of Grand Rapids to support the cause. “It was a wonderful evening, with great fanfare focusing on a wonderful cause, Dementia.” Said Leslie Knitter, Synergy’s Senior Business Development Manager. The Gala was a wonderful opportunity for Synergy to donate to a model organization that has a track record of making an impact, and have a little fun in the process. Food, fun, and networking were all on the menu at the DeVos Place that evening, and for dessert, the Synergy team was treated to an inspiring speech by key note speaker Brien Smith. Smith stressed the importance of taking preventative steps to maintain healthy brain function, and being knowledgeable and aware of symptoms. This can increase chances of early detection allowing patients the best and most independent lives possible while living with the disease.

All in all it was a wonderful and educational experience for those in attendance and for the ones that this event will eventually be able to assist. On the night of April 18th in Grand Rapids Michigan our team was proudly able to showcase that “Synergy Cares”