New Data Pairing Tool from Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. Automates the Process of Retrieving/Moving Data

August 2, 2012 – (Bingham Farms, MI) -- Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. (“Synergy”) has introduced a new Data Pairing Tool to quickly and safely retrieve, move, or replicate data. The Data Pairing Tool eases the process of retrieving a subset of related data from any environment and safely moving it to a different environment. There are many scenarios where data must be retrieved or moved. Most typically, data must be moved from a production to a non-production environment for testing or debugging.

No matter where or why data must be moved, separated, or duplicated, Synergy’s Data Pairing tool automates the process, provides flexibility, maintains data integrity, and saves a tremendous amount of time-consuming tedious labor. DBAs, System Architects and Testing Managers will find this tool to be absolutely indispensible!

Synergy’s Data Pairing Tool provides numerous time-saving features and benefits that will be appreciated by anyone assigned the task of moving data.

Features & Benefits:

  • Generates SQL scripts needed for data load with filter condition using WIZARD. The generated script can purge the existing data before loading new data
  • Provides automatic build of business associated table script build for data loading
  • Determines filtering condition based on Business Data Module such as Group, Subscriber/Member, Claim and Product. User can also ‘define and save’ the filter condition based on business need.
  • Executes the script using the tool itself or the save option of the SCRIPT for auto scheduling through scheduler
  • Copy utility helps in copying the saved queries for EDIT and generation of new conditional based queries
  • Enables complete data control through various filtering combinations
  • Reduces stress on the infrastructure for a more secure environment
  • Enables movement of multiple loads for more robust performance testing
  • Saves on storage costs.
  • Saves a great deal of time & money overall!
  • To schedule a demonstration of Synergy’s Data Pairing Tool, call Synergy today at 1.877.411.7274.

About: Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc.:

Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc., (“Synergy”) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise providing expertise in Information Technology Consulting, Outsourced Solutions, and Strategic Staffing.

Since 1995, Synergy has been providing quality professional services to address diverse business challenges facing organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Synergy’s solutions are designed to address challenges and goals specific to each client by bringing the business and technical expertise needed to minimize risk and implement world class solutions for success.

Synergy’s emergence as a packaged solutions provider is the result of work performed by the company’s business analysts and consultants. Many of the company’s clients are requiring help in the area of Business Process Management, and Synergy has been providing innovative productivity-enhancing solutions with components that are applicable across many industries and business units.

Currently, Synergy is offering packaged solutions in two specific areas:

1. Tools to Automate and Enhance Health Plan Administration Processes

2. Tools that Leverage K2’s Workflow Product To Enhance BPM Productivity Across Multiple Industries