Synergy Gives Back to the Community

April 15, 2021 – (Bingham Farms, MI) – Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. is committed to giving back to the community. The global pandemic has brought all kinds of changes and challenges to Michigan communities. Whether you are in IT, Food & Retail, Education, or Service, we’ve all seen a change in the workplace as we rapidly shift towards digitalization. Some communities are more equipped to handle the increased technology needs to navigate the digital environments.

This spring, Synergy paired with Wilkinson Middle School Teacher, Samantha Kroski, to support teachers in the Madison Heights community. Wilkinson Middle School is a title one district school and is the school of choice for 51% of attending students. With a smaller student to teacher ratio, Wilkenson Middle School teachers offer students more a one-on-one education experience. Since the pandemic placed the classrooms online, lessons are taught over Zoom and students and teachers rely on cloud-based storage software for document sharing. The need for reliable technology to bridge the gaps created by virtual spaces is more necessary than ever.

According to the Pew Research Center, “92% of […] teachers say the internet has a ‘major impact’ on their ability to access content, resources, and materials for their teaching”. To help support Wilkinson Middle School teachers, Synergy provided several desktop computers, landlines phones, a printer, fax machine and more. These new desktops will allow teachers to connect to the internet faster and help them support students and their diverse education needs. Synergy is proud to give back to the community we live in.