Synergy Introduces Business Intelligence for Business Process Management

-New “BI for BPM” Solution Provides Insights to Increase Workflow Productivity-

September 26, 2012 – (Bingham Farms, MI) – Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. (“Synergy”) has introduced a new software solution which provides robust business intelligence features to monitor and analyze business processes. The software, referred to as “BI for BPM” enables managers to continually monitor people-centric processes and gain insights from data to improve efficiency. BI for BPM increases productivity and lowers risk in support of enterprise goals.

Synergy’s extensive experience in providing both Business Intelligence and Business Process Management solutions for some of the world’s largest businesses has enabled the company to develop the most comprehensive, feature-rich and cost-efficient packaged solution available.

BI for BPM provides dashboards, KPI views, scorecards and reports to support real-time viewing, monitoring, reporting, analyzing and planning. These features pinpoint bottlenecks and alert to potential problems so that issues can be remedied early or avoided altogether.

The solution is strategically priced as well, making it an excellent investment and ensuring a high ROI. For a demonstration of Synergy’s BI FOR BPM solution, contact Synergy today at 1-877-411-7274.

Synergy’s BI for BPM -- Features:

  • Provides process, functional and technical monitoring capabilities
  • Enables real-time visualization of data and processes
  • Provides analytical data and reports delivered in a variety of formats: dashboards, KPI views, scorecards and user defined reports
  • Builds ad hoc reports which monitor application information from K2, using a SharePoint dashboard
  • Configures notifications based on events that occur - such as the start of a process, an entity update, or a new task assignment within an application – all in a K2 environment using a SharePoint dashboard
  • Configures notifications that provide granular information

Benefits of Solution:

  • Enables in-depth analysis of applications, processes, people, trends and bottlenecks to pinpoint and resolve productivity issues
  • Provides a variety of view and report formats to support viewing, monitoring, reporting, analyzing and planning capabilities
  • Provides state-of-the-art technology (MS SQL Reporting Functions, MS SQL Analysis Server, MS SharePoint, K2 blackpoint) and high-level functions at a reasonable cost
  • Easy to configure, set-up and maintain