Innovation starts with the desire to help our clients succeed. We design and develop innovative solutions to meet our client's needs. 

Synergy offers a robust array of solutions to architect, implement, customize, and administer IT systems and programs. We are experts at designing, developing, and servicing software solutions, custom workflows and line-of-business applications. We are highly experienced in developing, deploying, configuring, and supporting mobile and web-based applications.

Continuous Improvement Solution

A Continuous Improvement Process is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. These efforts seek incremental improvement over time or breakthrough improvement all at once. Delivery processes are constantly evaluated and improved in light of their efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.

This cloud-based automation and reporting solution takes data from improvement forms or kaizen forms and reformats it into something more usable. This allows the user to automatically generate reports from the forms, search information, and gain greater visibility into the operation.

In this era of digitization, Synergy strives to help organizations automate their continuous improvement process based on WCM principles and its 10 technical pillars.

Safety is a technical pillar that involves continuous improvement of the work environment and reducing accident generating factors and dangerous occurrences.
Cost Deployment
The cost deployment pillar involves developing a waste reduction program that identifies waste, determines the place of its production, identifies elimination methods, and forecasts expected results.
Focused Improvement
This pillar aims to eliminate major waste by targeting corrective actions that lead to best practice solutions and restore or introduce a new, specific standard.
Autonomous Maintenance
This pillar aims to improve the efficiency of the global production system by improving machinery and equipment operating conditions.
Workplace Organization
Workplace organization is one of the basic technical lynchpins of production. This pillar focuses on eliminating losses due to non-value-added activities, imbalance, and human errors.
Professional Maintenance
This pillar focuses on control and failure analysis, improved collaboration of autonomous maintenance staff members, and a deep review of maintenance service staffers’ qualifications.
This pillar is designed to provide customers with high-quality products at minimal cost to develop proper operating conditions for production systems and increases quality problem-solving skills of staff members.
This pillar aims to create favorable conditions for the flow of materials within the company and between the suppliers and the plant. It also reduces inventory levels, minimizes displacement, reduces transit time inside the company and from direct suppliers, as well as better integrates purchase, production and sales networks.
People Development
This pillar aims to create a structured training system, appropriate skills and qualifications match for every job position, and a knowledge and operational skills documentation system.
The tenth pillar is used to meet the environmental management requirements through periodic internal audits verifying the impact of operations on the surrounding environment. It also aims to assist in risk identification and prevention, use of ISO 14000 standards and more.


ShareUrTrip is an enterprise mobile application for corporate employees to share rides with coworkers and colleagues. ShareUrTrip is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel. Employees can enjoy their morning commute knowing they are reducing air pollution, carbon emissions, traffic congestions on the road and time spent searching for parking spaces. Are you looking for new ways to introduce going green initiatives at your place of work? Get in touch with one of our sales representatives for corporate plans and pricing.


Offer and request rides

Generate your Top 5 ride sharers

Track your ride and journey

View cost saving reports and go green credits on your dashboard

Robust filters to help you find nearby rides

Currently available only in India.


In today’s ever-evolving business world nothing is constant but change itself. In a dynamic business it's imperative to synergize knowledge, people, and the mission with the right perspective. For that, a strong Knowledge Management practice is the key. Does your organization need an Intranet that you can actually use? SynkEdge is a SharePoint based application designed to be user-friendly and effectively manage all of your organization’s knowledge assets in one simple and useful tool. It can be deployed either in cloud or on-premise.

SynkEdge helps you

Store all Knowledge assets in a structured way

Provides all employees easy and quick access to SME’s

Enables Knowledge Sharing activities easier and faster

Facilitates more employees to participate in KM practice

Allow easy search and recall of any knowledge assets across platforms

SynkEdge includes

Intra Company YouTube

Intra Company Google

Intra Company Facebook

Intra Company WhatsApp

Intra Company WebEx


Email is an invaluable staple of workplace communication, but it is easy to lose track of correspondence in the flurry of the marketing notices. We know how complex it is to search for any document for review, approval, or simply to track meeting minutes of a particular meeting. To enable collaboration, you need an efficient structure and process in place.

IntraKonnect solves that problem. It's a single sign-on for an employee to access any colleague, file, chat room, external site or even other intranet applications. Organizations can come closer to collaborate effortlessly. If organizations have to deliver more efficiently, communication channels need to become seamless.

Features & Benefits

Share files and links to library and blogs
Helps project teams work remotely and improves team synchrony
Manage your profile, see corporate calendar, contact SMEs, and more
Easily access documents by departments and topic and E-learning programs like training videos and webinars
Internal & External Links
Single window access to intranet apps like HR Application, QA Application, Contact Center, and Companies Core Applications
Book conference rooms, video conferencing, and live webcast
What’s New?
Stay on top of the Company’s trends, events, and news

Data Pairing Tool

In any organization, a well curated ERP application will have tera bytes of data in a very short period. Synergy’s Data Pairing Tool eases the process of retrieving a subset of related data from any environment and safely moving it into a different environment: most typically when data is moved from a production to a non-production environment for testing or debugging. This saves our client’s costs on storage and time to refresh nonproduction environments.

No matter where or why data must be moved, retrieved, or duplicated, Synergy’s DPT automates the process, provides flexibility, maintains data integrity, saves on storage costs, and averts a tremendous amount of time-consuming tedious labor!



Secures data; uses masking & encryption to prevent PHI exposure and HIPAA compliance.

Generates SQL scripts needed for data load with filter condition using WIZARD. The generated script can purge the existing data before loading new data.

Executes the script using the tool itself or the save option of the SCRIPT for auto scheduling.

Provides auto build of business associated table script build for data loading.


Determines filtering condition based on Business Data Module such as Group, Subscriber/Member, Claim and Product. User can also ‘define and save’ the filter condition based on business need.

Enables complete data control through various filtering combinations


Copy utility helps in copying the saved queries for EDIT and generation of new conditional based queries

Reduces stress on the infrastructure for a more secure environment

Enables movement of multiple loads for more robust performance testing