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Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. provides strategic consulting and talent solutions. For more than 25 years, we have applied industry best practices, combined with what we have learned through our experience, and integrated them with your vision. Our service goes beyond a single engagement. With a team of dedicated recruiters, we attract the industry's best talent who are open to short- and long-term commitments based on your needs. Synergy works proactively with you, relying on proven business experience, technology expertise, and outcome-focused services to deliver results.

What We Do

POC Based on your requirements, we can build a solution as a proof of concept (POC) to demonstrate the feasibility of your projects and provide a successful project evaluation. Synergy provides POC services for many environments.
SOW Synergy offers customizable SOW and project support solutions to ensure that both project and day-to-day business deliverables are met on-time and under budget. Clients have the option to turn over any segment of business to us while maintaining control and oversight of KPIs and deadlines.
Project Management Access a rich database of PMI, PMP, and ISO certified project consultants. On average, our consultants have 3-5 years of experience on key projects and deliveries. With consultants placed in nearly every vertical industry of the market, Synergy consultants work on-site and closely to effectively manage your projects.
Business Process Management Streamline business processes and run enterprise operations more efficiently with the right BPM software. We lay the foundation by working closely to identify your business goals and key technologies to automate business processes. Increase operational ROI with an optimized business workflow.
Business Intelligence Does your company have well organized, documented data streams? Make the most of your data with Synergy’s BI services. Based on your needs, we leverage powerful technologies to generate reports, databases, visualizations, and more. Draw insights from raw data and retrieve actionable insights to accelerate decision-making.
Data Analytics We have helped many companies in a variety of industries gain a deeper understanding of the story behind their data. Every engagement starts by establishing how data can be leveraged to achieve your aims. The strategy we develop with you informs every aspect of our work together.
Data Warehousing Synergy consultants use trusted and innovative technologies to help clients utilize data warehousing quickly and more efficiently. We gather, analyze, clean, integrate, and consolidate data for informed decision-making.
Application Development We offer comprehensive consulting services to modernize applications and infrastructure, increase efficiency, secure information, reduce costs, and make seamless migrations. We take responsibility for one or more aspects of the SDLC within an engagement. To deliver innovative and competitive solutions, we work with such tech trends as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, full stack development and more.
Mobile App Development Mobile app development services cover end-to-end development of mobile apps: from business analysis and UI/UX design to mobile application testing and deployment or online market publication. We provide professional mobile consulting and business analysis to evaluate your needs, determine requirements, define and prioritize features, and plan out the solution architecture.

ERP Services

Synergy has supported large and complex enterprise systems for extended periods of time by designing efficient, low-risk processes for software support, maintenance, and enhancement. We provide on-site, off-site, and offshore technical support to ensure that your view of business processes is continuous and seamless. Whether your business requires strategic staffing such as program managers, integrators, and support personal, or is looking for IT outsourcing; Synergy has a variety of enterprise resource planning (ERP) related services to meet your needs.
Our ERP Services Include




Data Migrations

Digital Security

Testing Automation

Managed Services


SAO Integration

Business Intelligence

Power BI
Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Tibco Spotfire
Oracle Big Data
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Synergy has successfully completed medium and large projects using bottom-up/top-down approach and relationship-based assembly management.


Project Management Methodology

Synergy consultants don’t adhere to any single project management methodology. Our certified professionals are versed in multiple methodologies and adopt their strategies to fit your project needs.

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