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Synergy Celebrates Sridhar Reddy's 20th anniversary

“It is a great feeling knowing you have the independence to establish your own direction.” This is what Sridhar Reddy commented when asked why he loved working for Synergy Computer Solutions; it’s this flexibility that has led to his continued success, within Synergy and in the IT industry. Sridhar Reddy has been with Synergy for 20 wonderful years and has done just about everything from working in the field, at a client site; in the office supporting different initiatives and now as an executive.

Sridhar Reddy currently holds the position of Synergy’s Director of Global Delivery and Solutions. He is involved with various aspects of Synergy, the majority of which focus on the creation, development, implementation and delivery of Synergy Computer Solutions’ IT resources and packaged solutions. Reddy has also participated in new product presentations and demonstrations for potential customers. Moreover he serves as the point of contact and moderator between the Offshore Development Center and our Synergy employees both in the office and in the field.

Sridhar Reddy studied Biomedical Engineering in his native country of India. Upon graduation he traveled to America to pursue his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami. It was at this time Reddy would meet Sridhar Guduguntla via a mutual friend at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. This relationship would prove valuable after his experiences at University of Miami. Reddy would continue on to receive his PHD from the University of Miami in the same field. During his PHD studies Reddy became proficient in another art as well. While preforming various aspects of his research it was necessary to conduct his own programming, thus, the more research that was needed the more he programmed. Reddy became extremely proficient in the art of programming.

Upon graduating with his Doctorate Reddy put his plethora of programming experience to use and became an independent IT consultant. After various successful projects with multiple clients, Reddy received a call from Mr. Guduguntla asking if he would like to become a part of his next project, Synergy Computer Solutions. From there the rest is history. Reddy has done everything from running wires to get the Chicago office online to serving as a senior consultant and has even has done work as a field consultant. Reddy truly is the embodiment of putting Synergy first and doing what needs to be done to help our company.

Reddy stated “The Technology Industry has jumped so much, and the learning curve is much steeper,” “No other field has grown as fast as IT and maintaining trends is a huge challenge.” Reddy has not only helped Synergy keep pace with these changes, but has kept our company ahead of the curve. Working closely with our Off Shore resources, he has been able to solve many IT problems, something he attributes to the freedom Synergy provides.

We would like to thank Reddy for his outstanding performance over these last twenty years, and look forward to celebrating 20 more. His dedication to this company is second to none and one of the reasons why Synergy remains a step above.