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Synergy Computer Solutions Introduces Provider Maintenance Application (PMA) to Health Insurance/Payer Industry

New software offers provider enrollment data maintenance and more to save time and money, improve customer service!

September 11, 2012 --- (Bingham Farms, MI) --- Today, web-enabled software automates health plan administration to manage claims processing and coordinate accurate payments between providers and members. It is flexible enough to respond to changes in policies and government regulations; support multiple lines of business; manage HSA, FSA, Medicaid and Medicare processes; support online transactions; manage provider networks; enable integration with third party software; and manage HIPAA transactions. The cost efficiencies of this type of software have made it an essential tool for both payers and providers.

Traditionally, health plan administrators have had problems inputting and maintaining accurate data within these systems. It’s no surprise that lost data, and data inaccuracies are common when you consider that

A) Data is input manually (time consuming and high incidence of human error)

B) There is a huge volume of data (difficult to track and verify all information)

C) Data/info must be updated and changed often (even more incidence of human error)

Now, a new software application from Synergy Computer Solutions (“Synergy”) works in tandem with standard health plan administration software to fulfill the need for provider enrollment data maintenance .

The value in PMA is that it automates the processes involved in enrollment, input and maintenance of data - and data validation. It also provides features that validate data to eliminate time spent searching for missing or inaccurate data. With PMA, problems are eliminated, payments to providers are made quickly and accurately, and overall customer service is greatly enhanced!

Features of PMA:

Benefits of PMA:

According to Jeff Petrusha, Vice President at Synergy, “Already, new users of PMA have saved countless hours doing tedious administrative work required to maintain accurate data and find missing information.” Petrusha added “Payers who integrate PMA with their present health plan administration software will find that it pays for itself in a very short period of time, and requires minimal customization to operate with the present system”.

Users can load data into the PMA system from almost any format such as an excel sheet, keyword file or flat file.

Users can load data into the PMA system from almost any format such as an excel sheet, keyword file or flat file.

The user can then edit the information if necessary, save it, and create a keyword file which will be used as an input to the payer’s provider enrollment application.

PMA’s graphical user interface (GUI) and easy-to-use screens allow users to quickly navigate the system and manually enter provider details. The GUI also lets users add new details or edit fields of any existing provider record in the system.

With PMA, mapping can be created for different types of file formats, then ‘payer’ specific keyword files can be generated for the final update to the Administration Systems.

User creation and vendor management features make PMA easy-to-use, practical and secure. The controlled access features allow the administrator to assign four different levels of access and configure the validation / source environment.

PMA allows local users, as well as self-servicing providers, to update their information online and then submit for validation. In short, PMA is a single window for managing provider information. It boosts the power of any health plan administration application while offering quick data input, data maintenance, accuracy, flexibility, and ease-of-use, all in a secured environment.