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Synergy Introduces User Access Request (UAR) Application To Track User Activity and Keep Data Secure

December 20, 2011 – (Bingham Farms, MI) – Synergy Computer Solutions has introduced UAR (User Access Request), a new software application designed to automate user access to corporate systems, track user activity and keep data secure.

UAR expedites the processes associated with accessing software and systems, from user request and approvals, through granting permission, tracking user history, and removing user access. Quick implementation and ease of use makes UAR a sensible solution for any corporate computer network.

Many companies still use a manual process to manage and track user access to systems. A manual process, which usually relies on checklists or spreadsheets and e-mails, tends to be poorly designed and executed, and does not compensate for human error. Furthermore, a manual process is generally slow, hard to manage, unreliable and costly. As corporate systems grow more robust and gain more users, a manual process just doesn’t work.

UAR streamlines the entire process. Here’s how it works: UAR receives the access request and assigns a tracking number to it. Various fields are defined at the request level including date, originator, who access is for, who is requesting access, user’s location, application to be accessed, action to be taken (view data, copy or print data, modify data, generate reports, etc), a comment field for relative notes, and a field where associated documents can be attached.

New User Access Request Screen:

From there, the system takes the access request to the Analyst for assessment, then to the Change Control Board, representing a list of individuals who have the authority to approve or deny access. The approvers get several reminders to approve or deny the request within a specified period of time. Once all approvers respond, the request then comes back to the Analyst, who has the authority to review the information, certify it, grant or deny access, and send necessary notifications. The Analyst can specify a list of approver names and a list of names for notification of the access.

Application Analyst Assessment Screen #1:

Application Analyst Assessment Screen #2:

The system then logs the request, along with the approval trail and workflow data into a Repository. The trail of activity can be easily traced by referring to the Workflow History and Comments History which are accessible in the Central Data Repository, where all data resides. The system can also generate activity reports.

Benefits of the system are numerous. The automated system saves time and eliminates confusion, provides one portal for all data, and makes tracking access history easy. Errors and system tampering are completely eliminated. The system ensures adherence to all processes and policies regarding corporate system access and usage, and keeps systems and data secure.

Synergy’s Vice President, Jeff Petrusha, states “The value of corporate data makes UAR a necessity for every corporate network out there. Given UAR’s easy installation and comprehensive features, it’s without a doubt the best access and tracking solution available.”

UAR was developed using today’s most cutting edge tools, ASP.NET 2.0, and Microsoft SharePoint. According to Petrusha, “Synergy has become expert at employing these tools to help companies streamline processes and increase productivity. Using these tools, we are developing all kinds of cutting-edge business process management solutions in a variety of industries. It’s very rewarding for Synergy, as well as for our clients.”