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December 21, 2011 – (Bingham Farms, MI) --Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. (“Synergy”) provides custom business process management (BPM) solutions to major companies serving a variety of industries. Since 1995, Synergy’s BPM solutions have improved workflow in every area of business, to optimize operations and profits.

What is Business Process Management?

Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategy that provides governance of a business’s process environment to improve agility and operational performance. A structured BPM approach employs methods, policies, metrics, and software tools to continuously optimize an organization’s activities and processes. Studies show that effective BPM solutions fulfill organizational goals and strengthen a company’s competitive position.

The goals of BPM are to:

Following is an example of a typical yet powerful BPM application developed and delivered by Synergy. The client, a Fortune 1000 Solar Module Manufacturer, is helping provide a clean, renewable, and sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources. Converting to solar energy is still a costly process, so the company is on a mission to do all it can to reduce costs and make solar energy as affordable as possible.

To achieve this, the company is focusing on streamlining its production methods. Since 2006, Synergy has been partnering with the company to employ BPM methodology and automate nearly every aspect of the business. To date, 175 projects have been completed.

One of the many projects recently addressed was the purchase requisition process, a key element to managing costs. Previously, the company was managing purchase requisitions with a paper-based system that was complex, time-consuming, and inefficient. Synergy began by analyzing the client’s specific and detailed requirements. Once all of the business requirements were identified, a detailed workflow was created and approved.

The workflow diagrams, shown below, were created by Synergy Business Analysts and used to identify tasks, incorporate all requirements, and develop an automated system.

Purchase Requisition Application – Cross Functional Workflow Diagram #1

Purchase Requisition Application – Cross Functional Workflow Diagram #2

The workflow diagrams identified six main tasks which were integrated into the application. Each task has specific functions and ensures that all policies and procedures are strictly followed and completed in a timely manner.

Task 1: Submission of Purchase Request

During Task 1, the following info is gathered and entered into the system: Date of Request, Type of Expense, Name of Requester, Purpose of Purchase, Department, Shipping Location, Chemical Information, Vendor Information, Item Numbers, Quantity and Price Information, Safety Information, and Price Quotes if applicable. There is also a field for Order Changes.

Task 2: Approval

Task 2 involves identification of appropriate approval managers from various departments including production, accounting, legal and others. Each approval manager receives an e-mailed copy of the completed purchase request form to review and approve or reject. Approvers who do not respond within a given timeframe receive automatic reminders.

Task 3: Review

Task 3 manages the final review process, ensuring that all approval managers have approved the purchase.

Task 4: Purchase Authorization and Creation of the Purchase Order

In Task 4, purchase is authorized, and a purchase order is issued.

Task 5: Payment

Task 5 handles all payment functions

Task 6: Documentation of Purchase Workflow History

Task 6 handles ‘Documentation’, where all data is entered into both a Purchase Requisition Database and a SharePoint Database. The application was developed using SharePoint 2007, K2 blackpearl and .Net, in an SQL 2005/SharePoint environment. According to Synergy’s Project Manager, the solution “significantly reduced the time required to approve a purchase request, eliminated bottlenecks, and enabled the Purchasing Department to have better control over the entire purchasing process.”

Jeff Petrusha, Synergy’s Vice President, says that Synergy is dedicated to continue helping (the company) improve business processes for improved efficiency and cost reduction. “This BPM application, along with dozens of others developed for the client under Synergy’s guidance, have vastly improved the company’s overall production efficiency. Our goal is to continue to support (the company) in its endeavors to cut costs and make solar energy more affordable. Afterall, as the price of solar energy decreases, and the company sells more and more product, the world becomes greener for everyone. That’s a bonus we can all benefit from!”

Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc., (“Synergy”) is a certified Minority Business Enterprise providing expertise in information technology consulting, outsourced solutions, strategic staffing, and packaged BPM solutions.

Since 1995, Synergy has been providing quality professional services to address diverse business challenges facing organizations throughout the United States and across the globe. Synergy's solutions are designed to address challenges and goals specific to each client by bringing the business and technical expertise needed to minimize risk and implement world class solutions for success.